I am over 800 metres above my bed. I am mid-way through a 30k run and I am standing beside an ancient Irish cairn with a map and compass in my hand. I’m looking at the Irish sea in the distance and a friend is beside me. My feet are sinking into damp spongy grass. I am standing in my dream.

Siobhan and I recently navigated our way over 30k of the West Wicklow Mountains. The adventure was like none other I’ve ever experienced. It was an open mountain run that included summiting Lugnaquilla Mountain, Leinster’s highest peak. It was a morning I had imagined in my dreams.

The Glen of Imaal from Lugnaquilla

The view from Lugnaquilla Mountain, County Wicklow

My dream didn’t come to fruition because I’m a superhero with amazing physical abilities and unheard of mental resilience. I had three dream makers that unlocked the door to my dream. I reckon they may fit your lock as well, go ahead and give them a try.

Find a Tribe

Most of us find satisfaction in a shared experience. Whatever it is that you’re passionate about, there are other people out there who are passionate about it too. Your tribe wants to find you as much as you want to find them. Nowadays social media can make the search easier. I have been introduced to some of my closest trail running buddies via social media. I don’t think we need to be surrounded by people the entire time, but I do think that having a good group of friends, who are on the same track, is invaluable. Our tribe can provide support, encouragement and if we’re lucky, a bit of craic!

Descending Lugnaquilla with Siobhan Hayes

Lugnaquilla Mountain with Siobhan Hayes


To make something we need a recipe, directions or a plan. A plan is the action it takes to fulfil our dreams. We can devise plans for ourselves, we can hire a coach, we can find them online or in a book. No matter where it’s sourced, a plan is a must. To try to achieve something remarkable without a plan is like trying to make a double-chocolate cake without a recipe. It might turn out good. But why settle for good when it could be melt-in-your-mouth exceptional?

Walk the Walk

When we talk the talk, we must walk the walk. We can stare at our plans. We can talk to our friends about our goals. But the only way we’re going to lock eyes with our dreams is by moving towards them. Even if we’re tired, we still need to go out and do that planned speed session. If our goal is to run up a hill, then we need to run up that hill. If our bodies need rest, then we must rest. Our actions lead us to our achievements.

Running down Lugnaquilla - photo Siobhan Haye

Running towards Slievemaan, County Wicklow, photo by Siobhan Hayes

Our dreams are waiting to be realised. Whether on a summit, at a finish line or at the other end of a swimming pool; they are there anticipating our arrival. These dream makers are the keys that can unlock the doors to our dreams. Grab your set, open the door and stand in your dreams.

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